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Elizabeth Avenue West wants to officially thank you for all of the support you have provided us. We think you have a awesome Company. As our Parent Company, we know that our success is tied to your success and we want both companies to be successful.

We have taken many initiatives to improve not only our offerings but also our customer service, and we are always looking for opportunities and synergies to provide even more value to us customers.

We have recently been monitoring our website and we are please that the site has not been down. That just goes back to that awesome support you provide.

Again, thank you for everything you do. There is not a better Parent Company around.

Leon Wilson, April 2010

I just check my ebay listing and received a feedback response from an ebayer I sold a product to. He was very satisfied with the item he received and gave me a 100% positive feedback. I will attempt to see if I can use the buy now option. If I run into any problems I will open up another ticket. Thank you for your assistance.

Alonzo Carter, April 2010

Hello and good day!

I sold my first 2 items on Ebay very recently and got very positive feedback. I sold an Ion Audio USB Digital Drum Kit on Ebay and this is the feedback I got: "got the item sooner than expected, everything works, no fuss, no problems"

Now I think that means I'm off to a good start, thanks to my partnership with your company. Soon, my site rare4sale.com will feature many of your items and hopefully it will be a success.

Just thought I'd share some good news with you. Thanks for your great work.

Kind regards,

Joseph Boudreau, March 2010

Thanks I have checked out the store and I love it. Great Birthday present for me. Today's my birthday. Hope to have lots of business, make us lots of money and be very sucessful. This has been the best drop ship site that I have seen in over 1 year.

Thresia Nabours, March 2010

I sold for almost $50,000 dollars of Nintendo Wii's in only 4 days! Thank you everyone at DropshipDesign.com for your excellent support, you have helped me to no end and the sales keep coming in everyday!

Sometimes we get so involved in reporting problems that we forget to thank those who have actually helped us.

Thank you DropshipDesign.com

Keith Jones, February 2010

Dropshipdesign.com has given me a vast selection of products to choose from, with the lowest fees as compared to other dropship websites. No monthly hidden charges to pay, you buy it it is yours.

I have also purchased my own website which is filled with the many items that I have been dropshipping on eBay. I have jumped to Gold Super Seller on eBay with the merchandise supplied to me from Dropshipdesign.

Like I said no other dropshipping company compares to Dropshipdesign!

D. Wright, February 2010

Just wanted to say thanks for providing us with a good reliable service! Anytime you need a testimonal feel free to use me. Its rare to find a good dropship service like Dropshipdesign with great costumer service.

Victor, January 2010

I wanted to thank the DropshipDesign staff for all the help over the past year. Your customer service is phenomenal and you guys are always willing to go the extra mile to help. I've used your drop ship services for over a year and also have done very well as this is my only source of income.

I look forward doing a lot of business with you this year again.

Glen, January 2010

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