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Earn Income By Dropshipping Online

Dropship can earn you money... lot's of it!

We offer very LOW STARTUP COST which makes our program the best out there even for people that have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in selling merchandise online.

The bottom line is very simple, your job is to advertise the products in order to generate sales. Our customer care team will take care of everything else for you.

You can sell products on eBay, on Amazon, from your own website, from your own eBay store, in flea markets, or anywhere else you want!

The best part is that you will pay for the merchandise only AFTER you have sold the product. This means that you do not have to pre-purchase any products up front before selling them.

Selling is easy!

You can sell our products anywhere you want and there you do not have to pre-purchase any merchandise up front! Let's take eBay as an example.

Did you know that:

  1. Over 70,000 new 'buyers' join eBay every single day!
  2. eBay has an existing customer base of 240 Million users looking to buy information/goods from YOU!
  3. There are over 700,000 users making a living on eBay. Most, from the comfort of their home!
  4. 1/3 of all U.S. Internet users visit eBay at least once a month

You can imagine with that volume of traffic, selling merchandise on eBay is pretty easy, let alone other websites like amazon or even your own website!

Best of all, you'll never have to buy products up front and you never have to pay extra fees to have products shipped out to your customers because we will fulfill each order for you! There are no additional fees at all! And you'll earn your profits based on the price that you decide to sell the products!

There are no additional fees at all! And you'll earn your profits based on the price that you decide to sell the products! Plus, you can now sell your own products or add affiliate banners, links to other sites and programs to your site to earn even more money!

I sold for almost $50,000 dollars of Nintendo Wii's in only 4 days! Thank you everyone at DropshipDesign.com for your excellent support, you have helped me to no end and the sales keep coming in everyday!

Sometimes we get so involved in reporting problems that we forget to thank those who have actually helped us.

Thank you DropshipDesign.com

Keith Jones

How Much Money Can I Make?

This question is very important and the answer depends on how much time and commitment you are willing to put into this opportunity.

We process thousands of deposits of profits every week. As you can see below, some profits are larger than others depending on the item you sold. Remember you are in control of your profits since you can decide how much to sell each product.

Here are 2 pages taken from our paypal account to show real payments of profits to our members made on Saturday August 9th 2008. We process thousands of these payments on a weekly basis. The 2 snapshots below represents a very small portion of all the profits that we pay our members each week.

Because our privacy policy prevents us from sharing our members private information, we have shaded the names of the members receiving the profit deposits. Our privacy policy is approved and supported by truste.com.

How does all this work!

There are 2 different ways that you will sell a product. You can sell a product from the website plan OR from a third party website such as eBay or Amazon.

Lets look at the various steps involved in each step.

When you sell an item from your website:

  1. We will use our company merchant account to process and capture the payment on your behalf. We support payments from paypal and from any major credit cards.
  2. We will process the order automatically for you and ship the order to your buyer on your behalf. You and your buyer will receive an email with a tracking number everyone can track the order.
  3. Your buyer will receive his order within 5 to 10 days.
  4. On the first Friday following 30 days later, we will pay your profits via a direct deposit into your paypal account.

As you can see, all that you need to do is advertise the products and the website and the customer care team will do the rest for you.

When someone places an order on your website, we will capture the payment on your behalf and we will automatically process the order for you. We will calculate your profits from the difference between the selling price and your special wholesale price. Once your item is shipped, we will email you and your buyer the tracking code so everyone can monitor the shipment of the order. Orders are usually shipped and received within 8 to 12 days.

The profits will be automatically deposited into your paypal account 30 days following the date of your order. This 30 days period will give us sufficient time to deal with returns, in which case we will issue your buyer a refund according to the return policy.

When you sell a product on a third party website such as eBay:

  1. You simply browse the catalog of products from your own website
  2. When you find the product you want to sell, simply click on the ebay wizard button.
  3. Choose the selling options for your auctions.
  4. Choose a nice looking template for your new auction.
  5. Click on the "create auction" button to automatically create the auction under your own eBay account.
  6. Once your auction sells, you get paid directly by the your eBay buyer.
  7. Then simply click on the "create order" button from the auction list.
  8. We will automatically create the order for you using the shipping address of your eBay buyer.
  9. You will only charge you the wholesale value of the order so you will pocket your profits immediately!
  10. Your order will be shipped directly to your buyer on your behalf.
  11. Your buyer will receive his order within 5 to 10 days.

We pay profits on a weekly basis so once you have reached a good momentum of sales, you will receive deposits each week!

Dropshipdesign.com has given me a vast selection of products to choose from, with the lowest fees as compared to other dropship websites. No monthly hidden charges to pay, you buy it it is yours.

I have also purchased my own website which is filled with the many items that I have been dropshipping on eBay. I have jumped to Gold Super Seller on eBay with the merchandise supplied to me from Dropshipdesign.

Like I said no other dropshipping company compares to Dropshipdesign!

D. Wright

Why High Gas Prices Are Good For A Home Business

With gas prices reaching record levels, online business and consumers are reaping the benefits of online shopping. This is the best time ever to start selling online and get ready for this holiday season. See what the experts are saying below:

"People who work from home have never had it so good. They don't need to drive anywhere! And consumers shopping online are finding great deals and free shipping while saving precious gas money, not to mention the environment!...This is a definite trend." - New York Times

"Filling your tank may be murder on your wallet but those rising gas prices are music to an online retailer's ears....I would expect that we're going to see the biggest increase in online sales this season precisely because of households just not wanting to spend that much money driving around to malls and wasting gas." - eCommerce Times

"Online sales should see robust growth this holiday season, partially aided by rising gas and heating prices, as consumers seek to maximize their holiday budgets." - Heather Dougherty, senior Retail analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings

What Do You Need To Do To Make This Work?

While we will provide you with everything needed to run your business, your job will be to sell the products by creating auctions on eBay, putting listings on craigslists, advertising your website, selling on amazon, or anything else that you can think of.

Our order fulfillment team will process orders for you, provide customer support, process returns, etc.

All support provided to your buyers will be done anonymously or under your website name so your buyers will never know that we are the ones actually doing the support for you!

This approach will allow you to focus you time on what is the most important part of your business.
The selling part!

You do the selling and we do all the rest for you!

Plain and simple!

Compare the features offered with each dropship plan.

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